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TracAED is your solution to view and track your AED program allowing you to manage an effective and regulatory compliant AED program. TracAED manages all aspects of your AED program, is easy to use and is a proven time-saver. TracAED is accessible from any computer. Our security access feature allows you to view and modify data in all locations, while your select employees have access only to their assigned locations. TracAED is very affordable and available only through RTI. For subscription information, call RTI at 916-939-2277.
TracAED provides you:
  • At a glance AED Program status page
  • Access to your AED user manual download
  • Access to your AED software download
  • Access to state and federal codes regulating AED programs
  • Automatic email notification of
    • Upcoming maintenance inspections
    • Past due maintenance inspections
TracAED helps you monitor:
  • AED placement location, brand and model
  • Serial numbers
  • Training and recertification dates
  • Maintenance inspections